Saturday, July 16, 2005


Okie as promised, the Weird MRT Incident.

I said Funny in the last blog, but then I realised it was more weird than funny. I'm sure in the wake of the London bomb attacks we have all become paranoid and on our guard. At least I am - no thanks to my overactive imagination. :/

ANYWAYS.. as i was saying.. I got up the MRT at the Tampines station (heading towards Boon Lay). Half-way between Tampines and Simei, this man got out from the Conductor's cabin and slammed the door shut. Maybe you're wondering why this was important. except for the fact that I WAS IN THE LAST CARRIAGE AND HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO F*CKIN BE THERE. Okie, anyways. He got out, stood near the door and kept looking at his watch *HIS WATCH* and kept tapping his feet impatiently.

Hmm. Now what was I to think huh? *@#$*&@#( TERRORIST!!!* Yeah. Really. Then we reached Simei station and he got off, giving the train one last look before heading for the escalator. *ARGH!* you say? *Motherf*ckin' TERRORIST!!* The guy opposite me was staring at me weirdly.

I suppose my emotions must have reflected on my face. Hmm. Yeah, moving on.
If the guy was planting a BOMB, I was the closest person next to THE BOMB. And most likely, if there was a BOMB and the BOMB went off, it is highly possible that my body was the body that would be blown to bits. So what to do? The guy sitting opposite me was still staring at me. Aiyah. Bo pian. I had to change carriage. At least if I was in the middle the most I could get was a few cuts to my face. *You realize the guy is still staring, right?* So I called Kevin and asked him where he was and pretended that I was meeting him in another carriage like in the front and got up *all the while pretending to look for a friend that wasn't there* It's funny how I care about saving face when I'm worried about a bomb going off in the MRT.

On the way to Cityhall I was visualising what I was supposed to do in case of a terrorist bombing. After I got off at Cityhall, nothing had happened so far. So I continued fantasising, if a bomb really went off, I could publish a book called "How I narrowly escaped a bomb" and earn thousands of millions when other paranoid people like me buy it and make me a multi-millionaire.

*On hindsight i realised he must be a MRT employee because I haven't heard any bomb reports*

Yeah, that was the Weird MRT Incident. Anyways, report any suspicious articles to the matas okie. Or suspicious people for that matter. :/