Friday, September 15, 2006


so you can tell i'm really bored.

Anyways. somewhere in between my naps and youtube marathons.

our beloved gahmen has yet again. AGAIN. and again and again.

managed to screw themselves in the backside.


i'd laugh if it weren't so sad.

hahahhahahahah. i'll laugh anyways.

4 million smiles to welcome the world!

come on people! good service! good service!

be proud of singapore!

show singapore's best side to the world!


i wonder at the competence of those whom we pay millions to run our country.

firstly, initiating such a fucking lousy-lame assed campaign.

secondly, for shooting themselves in the foot after shooting said fucking lousy-lame assed campaign.

thirdly, just because i support the opposition.

thank you mr gahmen.

thank you for making me ashamed of my country.

and now i'll go rinse my gag.

haven't taken it off since i was born.

i think the gahmen should issue new ones.

i've grown out of mine.