Friday, February 02, 2007


a quick sketch for a design schoolmate who needed to know how to sew drawstring pouches. i strangely like the line quality of the drawing here together with the text. and it is of no relevance at all to this post. i just wanted to put this up.


this is 2:28am in the morning and i am unable to sleep for the fact that i have yet again. no motivation to do my FYP while unable to go into dreamland. it is at times like these i curse the wretchedness of my existence and curse all of TDS curriculum in general.

that said. i just have to say how much i absolutely ADORE the weather these days. so cool i don't even have to switch on the fan. so cool i can wrap myself up in the blanket and read Stardust by Neil Gaiman and not feel warm at all.

awesome. and i should really be doing the bloody FYP right now. i just cannot seem to summon the strength to do so. not when snuggling in bed with a good book is so marvelously tempting.

what would be even more perfect is if i had hot chocolate or chai tea (a newfound love of mine) and a craneberry muffins. i love craneberries. love them to death.

i can't decide if i should be disgusted at my laziness or be happy that i'm enjoying the breeze coming through my window right now.

yeah. enjoy it. i should. :D

Okay. and since i cannot sleep, and stardust isn't holding very much apeal because i've read it twice already, i'll write about something i've always wanted to address, but couldn't really be bothered simply because it doesn't really matter - i hardly have enough blog readers for me to warrant justification. Just in the interest of clearing space out in my brain i'll engage in this verbal diarrhoea to clear out my brain because i feel there are too many things in it and i fear it might spontaneously explode someday soon.

The reason why i have chosen to keep my life(blog) and art(blog) separate plagues me every now and then. I do know of many illustrators/artists, etc keep a journal about their life and their illustrations and somehow in every post one finds that art/illustration is intertwined with their daily life. the decision for me to keep separate blogs wasn't a conscious one, for the only thing that i wanted to do at the time was to have 2 blog addresses. i know, lame. :P whatever! this blog is mainly for me to vent my frustrations, express my opinions and (very) occasionally a wittily insightful post or two, and the other blog for me to share my art and get critiques for it. but more and more it seems ridiculous to have two blogs when i am one and the same person with the same brain and the same hands.

yet i find myself reluctant to switch to a single blog because i've established two identities within the two blogs. with this blog, i can be more relaxed, the silly, the stupid, the whiner, the one with strong opinions part of me comes out and the way i interact with the readers of this blog too reflects this part of me. you are on a more intimate basis with the person that i am and i find myself feeling closer to you than the readers of the other blog. on phreaque-art i'm mostly a neutral person, like a blank canvas without personality and naturally, people respond to only my art (and not me as a person).

as of now i'm quite perplexed as to how to merge the two together.