Saturday, July 16, 2005

Installing a tablet.

Okie people. I've just realised what a goddamned f*cktard I am. Other mobile-tech-&otherfuckknowswhat- teenagers have my complete and absolute admiration and respect.
You would think after spending about 300 bucks on a tablet I would be eagerly installing and testing out my tablet right after I got home. But no, I waited till I possibly cannot delay it any further before installing the goddamned thing. The horror. The AGONY. THE PAIN.. I cannot begin to describe it.

Okie, first was the installation. It was pretty easy. You just load the CD-ROM into the drive and double click on the install icon right?


First you have to wade through the piles of information and god knows what first. If the installation didn't kill me, the reading of those bloody documents will. Then I installed the program. And guess what? This window pops up to teach you how to customise your settings. :) Isn't that great?


Okie. Firstly, to customize your settings, you FIRST HAVE TO TAKE THE BLOODY PEN OUT, which the kind and benevolent authors of the tutorial DIDN'T INCLUDE. I suppose they didn't think morons like me existed but nevermind. So I spent around 15 minutes trying to customize the damned settings and getting frustrated because everything that was supposed to show up didn't. OH. Then I got it. You have to take the pen out of the goddamned plastic box and use it to configure.

*Repeat after me.*


Okie, moving on. Then you know they never give just ONE CD. They give you more! Value for money! Yay, hurray for the savvy consumer. So I popped the installation disk out and put in the new one. Everything went fine and dandy till the stupid goddamned pop-up window appeared again.

Please enter name, company and product code.

Product code? WHAT THE HELL IS A PRODUCT CODE? Okie. I stayed calm and read the manual.

"1) Insert the nik Color Efex 2.0 Standard Edition CD into the CD/DVD drive.
2) Open the CD and double-click on the installer.
3) Ensure that the installer was able to locate the proper installation location. blah blah blah.
4) Key in name, company and product code.
5) Click Next or Install until the installer has completed its process."

HELLO. WHERE IS THE GODDAMNED PRODUCT CODE? Lost somewhere between step four and step five?!? LIKE DUDES, PUT IN SOMETHING USEFUL LIKE "4) Key in name, company and product code which you can find ________*
Okie. So after racking my brains I decided to type in the serial number.

"Wrong product code."

Okie, so I tried the product model code.

"Wrong product code."

Then I tried the number on the price tag.

"Wrong product code.

This went on for a long long time.

Guess where I found it?

On the back of the CD sleeve. Hah.