Wednesday, January 25, 2006

movie review

and so i watched memoirs.

In a Nutshell : great visuals but overall it totally stinks.

The Good :

great lighting and colour.

(michelle yeo didn't put on make up for the entire movie

gong li was gorgeous

zhang ziyi makes me wanna become lesbian)

The Bad :

lousy dialogue - even though they copied it almost word for word from the book (when will they learn book dialogue never translate well onscreen?)

totally cheesy soundtrack - the usual hollywood ape oriental music with flutes and godknows what other instruments thrown in at inappropriate moments

weird accented english - i'd much prefer they did the entire movie in japanese

seeing how they had to adapt the book a lot ALOT of details were cut out so it becomes

*BAM* action - reaction. x100 the whole movie over

and i hate the ending.

Conclusion : i'm happy i didn't have to pay for the ticket.