Sunday, February 05, 2006


i'm back people.


taiwan was a blast! sorta. kinda. as much of a blast it could be with your parents tagging along.

will upload photos maybe this/next week - really busy due to deadlines and stuff so yeah.

who still reads this blog? leave a name in the tagboard or comments please.

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in other news..

returned on Thursday around midnight was at the airport the entire day - from taiwan transit to hong kong to singapore. pretty tired but i STILL had to do the PComD proposal so stayed up the entire night to do it

had the PComD presentation on Friday. my group scored pretty okay even with last minute non-rehearsals and whatnot and guess what - the proposal wasn't needed. fuck! F U C K! but it's okay - less to do next week. anyways

i had to kick out one of my group member on Friday - who didn't contributed a single thing or go to a single group meeting. so. there you go - my good mood from the holiday ruined not even 24 hours homecoming. i was pretty adamant about kicking her out mainly because i hate group members who don't contribute. and even though some of my other group members were against kicking her out - i managed to convince them.

bahaha. i'm evil. (you all know that already doncha?) but hey. if she could get perhaps a pass or maybe two grades lower than what we had i wouldn't mind - as it is, it's either i kick her out, or let her get the same grade as i do. and that - my dear people - is outta the freaking question because we stand a good chance to get that elusive A grade.

so - sorry - i - kicked - your - friggin' - ass - out - because - i - am - such - a - mean - and - evil - bitch - who - lives - to - make - your - life - miserable !

no, actually i'm don't. (i do have better things to do with my life - like reading fanfiction and obsess over gackt.) i just do what the others don't have the guts to. hate me! hate me! but who can? i'm too nice and cute and adorable for anybody to hate me. no puking on the carpet please. i'll have to bill you for the drycleaning.

okay i'm on sugar overload. back to my packaging. and yes - this blog will be pretty dead (as usual) for the next week or two.