Saturday, September 23, 2006

the thing with the bodies

in the wake of madrid's ban of models that are too thin, the same old discussions/arguments/talks whatevers are stirred up again. and again. and again.

as if we aren't aware of the increasing numbers of girls who are anorexic or bulimic or suffering from some random health-threatening eating disorder. you know what's wrong with this world?


yes. barbie dolls. they're what's wrong with this world.

you give this little girl a barbie doll, barbie clothes, and leave her to play with it till maybe adolescence and what is she going to learn from the barbie doll?

she's going to learn that only beautiful, thin people can be popular.

she's going to learn that she has to have the perfect body to fit those clothes.

she's going to learn that being pretty and popular and having equally vapid, pretty friends is the only thing that makes a person's life fulfilled. much like the mcdonald's happy meal.

honestly, to mess up a kid's brain at the tender age of - what? - five is really fucked up.

well, fuck you barbie.

anyways. that wasn't the point.

point is, we need to feel comfortable in our bodies. whatever colour, whatever size it may be. easier said than done when you consider the bombardments of advertisements telling you






well, fuck you world.

there's perfectly nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but i think one should do it for the right purposes, and motivations.

it could be that you want to look better

or you want to be healthier

but the main thing is

YOU want to do it for yourself

not because you buckled under the pressure from everybody saying that thin is good and thin is happy.

of course i played with barbie dolls growing up. but it was more of the dismembering and ripping heads off variety.

and this ends my rant.