Sunday, November 12, 2006

some people are retarded.

Have you ever read one of those Aunt Agony letters, where stupid bimbos/bastards engaged in unprotected sex ask Aunt Agony if they will get pregnant through oral sex, or one of those where they ask if urinating after sex will prevent pregnancy because it washes the sperm out?

have you ever wondered what the anatomy will look like if one could get pregnant via oral sex/failure to urinate after sex?

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assuming that the sperm travels down the trachea, past the esophagus into the stomach, and fertilizes the egg swimming in your stomach juices, you'd have two tubes connecting your stomach to your rectum (via small intestine) and urinary tract. which would mean that your kid is not only swimming in hydrochloric acid, it's also swimming in you urine - also assuming the sperm travelling up your urinary tract after sexual intercourse will also lead to your stomach where it fertilizes the egg.

so not only is the foetus submerged in hydrochloric acid and urine, your kid is also swimming in your partly digested food. and after the 9 month gestation period is up, you give birth to your kid via your urinary tract.

seriously. where do these retards come from?