Sunday, November 05, 2006

Playground Politics.

Today is the 8th anniversary of my grandmother's death - and like any other traditional Chinese family, we had a reunion to burn the joss sticks and hell notes. After which we went back to the house to eat the FOOOODDDD... curry..beehoon..kueh..yam soup..gnoh hyong..

bliss i tell you. :P

and while the adults swam at the table, and the kids were playing, i was the only person with nothing to do because

1) i'm too old. above 13yo. and a girl. so the boy cousins didn't let me touch their nintendos.

2) i'm too young. below 30. the adults hogged the tables.

3) all the girl cousins weren't there. but it wouldn't have mattered anyways because i don't usually talk to them.

so when the boys wanted to go down to the playground, and their moms refused, i volunteered to go. yes. so you must be thinking. HAHA. ag volunteered to take care of kids?!?! WTF?!?! but the kids were around 10-13 and pretty smart. if a little smartassy.

but anyways. so we went down to the playground and they called their friends around and played (what else?) ice and water.

in case you're not familiar with the game because you haven't played it in aeons like i... just a quick recap;
two catchers, the rest run, people caught will be brought to the safehouse, where only the uncaught can unfreeze them.

simple? yes. very. and i got laughed at because i couldn't remember how to play it. blarrdddy hellll.....zzz.....

and now i have street cred with the kids.

in case you think the kids are young... and innocent... and all about flowers and unicorns and cupcakes and picnics,

YOU ARE FUCKING WRONG. these kids are RACIST. SPITTERS. and they play MEAN.

my cousins are chinese. (duh) and malay kids were at the playground. and before i knew it, they started trading insults ranging from "GILA BABI" to "ITYE BABI" to "CHEEBYE" and these are coming from kids ranging from 5-13. wtf right.

and when insults didn't suffice, they started spitting at each other. like. Spitting. with drool.

major yuck. thank god i didn't take of my slippers.

were you expecting me to stop them and try make them get along? HAR. you kid me. of course, me being me, i just stood where i couldn't be reached by the spittle and just amused myself watching their little spats. (pun intended)

but what amazed me the most. was that. after all the name-calling and spitting, they shook hands and made up. and started playing together - which is not to say they still weren't racist. but in playground politics, the more the merrier.

photo of the little devils in guise of human kids. taken by my lousy as fucking hell camera phone.

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kids who wanted to join in could join in, but the rankings within the group is pretty obvious.

for those who want to be/are parents

take this from the person who sacrificed all pretense of "coolness" to play catch with a buncha kids at the playground and got laughed at by passerbys.

a first hand account of how YOU affect your kid's interaction with other kids.

- don't overprotect your kid. there was this retard kid with his mom today who joined in the play halfway. the anal mommy forbid the kid to run or get himself injured. so this dumb kid just went to the group and whined. and when the authority was there, all the kids just rejected this retard kid and refused to let him play. after the mom left, the retard kid just sat there and watched them play. like. dude.

i had to persuade the rest to let him join in. -_-" but there wasn't any point because the retard kid being a retard, like to spout nonsensical bullshit and generally antagonize the rest of the kids + me. i suspect his mom did too much damage to the brain. he has NO IDEA how to make himself accepted.

poor kid.

- this dad with his kid came in halfway too. the dad just sat there and smoked his cig while his son got bullied by the other kids. because by then they already had cliques. Dad got pissed, ordered the kids to play nice with his kid, and those little monsters just went off to play by themselves.

in cases like these. your kid probably rather be bullied than ostracized. you dumbassed parents.

anyway, kid got depressed, left.

- playground fights. the most common of all. when girls (sisters or cousins) and tears are involved, the boys take it upon themselves to fight it out. and again, do NOT interfere. boys are super egoists. let them settle it themselves. you don't have to worry about a single thing.

kids whose parents give a freer hand generally carry themselves and deal better in social situations. so. advice.

1. stop spoiling your kids. they become social retards who irritate the hell outta me. and the rest of the kids.

2. don't talk down to them. you want in? don't treat them like kids. they know it when you do it.

3. want to make them trust you? you need to be cool. like me. but i don't think too many of you can handle it.

but anyways. it's good experience for me today. i..exercised. :P and it's a source of pride for me when they say: " EH SISTER, RUN LAH. THEY WILL CATCH THE FASTEST PEOPLE FIRST"

and kids. they just have this really. make you feel good thing. about them. you know. even when they trade spit and insults, they just forget all about it and buy each other ice popsicles (those long coloured water thingys going for 10cents each). i got offered three. (the most - HEHEH)

end of ramble. i have no idea wtf i'm talking about now.