Wednesday, January 17, 2007

rambling nonsensical sleep deprived musing

here i am watching the sun set and bathe the neighbourhood in bright orange light, listening to yo-yo ma on my iTunes and looking at the rain through the metal grills of my window and it strikes me as funny. isn't it supposed to be grey when it rains? why then, is it so hot and humid still? the heat is killing me and i have my fan on still looking at the rain while cursing at the sun.

and just as suddenly as it starts, it stopped. kind of stopped anyways. i can't really see the droplets of rain but i still hear it falling. or maybe it's because of my vision? it always amazes me how fast the sun sets and the way the colours in the sky changes.

i always like spelling colour with a "u" as opposed to color. why is that i wonder? that makes me like one over the other? is it not a waste of pen ink while writing?

now it's a faint bluish pink tinged with a bit of orange. because the sunlight's so strong, it sorta dilutes the colours. the most vibrant colours almost always comes when the sun is about to go away i think. then when the sun changes position with the moon, it wants to let us remember him. what arrogant thinking that the sun revolves around us. and why do i instinctively refer to the sun as a him? an unconscious reference to Apollo? i wonder. even the name "sun" seems masculine to the ear.

some kid is squeaking his squeaky toy right now.

squeak squeak squeak.

now the rain really has stopped. but the sky is grey.

what irony. is it laughing at me i wonder. for writing an entire post about bright rainy skies.

bloop bloop bloop.