Saturday, January 06, 2007


i dun geddit u noe?

y do the peepz fr all e gud skulz lyk 2 type lyk dis lehx? n i do mean gud skulz.

i find it fucking irritating.

you turds.


okay updates. it is now 4.16am in the morning and...

ag's fyp is...sorta....kina.......possibly going according to plan a.k.a. MISSION TO ACCOMPLISH FYP BEFORE DEADLINE ON FEB 14th.

i don'ot know why i'm so hung up about the fact that it is on the Feb of 14th. I mean, I don't have anybody special (in that way) to celebrate it with, I don't even like that occasion, and I especially loathe watching couples having a free-for-all PDA session 24/7 at all locations. it's just sick.


I suppose i should be glad that we have such... depraved lecturers in school then.

>> so many people have asked me what the hell i'm doing for my fyp but walked away thoroughly confused. nyahah. ag is doing a ZINE!

what's a zine you ask?

according to, it is a

zine also 'zine (zēn) Pronunciation Key
An inexpensively produced, self-published, underground publication

read more about the zine at wikipedia, the most trusted online encyclopedia. i loves wiki. XD ( )

okay, so you now know what a zine is. the question remains. wtf are you doing for your fyp?

ILLUSTRATION BABY. i'm doing an illustrated zine. and if all goes well, it'll be up for SALE. *kaching* i hear the registers ringing.

i'm high. can you tell that i'm high?

i'm like extremely high on i have no idea what.