Sunday, February 18, 2007

hello world.

mere words cannot describe HOW HOW HOW GOOOD i feel right now. no fyp, no fyp, NO FYP!


and even more so the new year ang paos. I've collected my first ones today. BAHAHAHAHA. even though it will ultimately go to my Dip show funds. and of course repaying my $250 debt to chunz.


movie marathon with my cousin and bro(sucker only watched one movie) last and returned home at 2.30am with china girl taking space in the living room refusing to open the fucking door. my poor maid, awoken from her beauty sleep.


anyways. i digress.

Protege is a stupid movie, artsy fartsy wannabe and failing miserably. It is OVERUSED and CLICHED. China girl says her friends say it's a good movie. i say they have completely no taste whatsoever, pretentious little uppity shitheads. China girl recommended Hellrider if i was adverse to shows like Protege. Pisser. I'll piss all over you.

JUST FOLLOW LAW is a fucking brilliant movie. every singaporean with half a brain should catch it. Fann Wong was hilarious in this show and yeah, of course. Any show with JackNeo is bound to have overtly political tones. But I LOVE IT!

Epic Movie... is exactly what you'd expect it to be. Stupid, brainless, switch off your brains and watch it. Guaranteed laughs if you catch the parodies. But most should, it's too obvious not to.
WhiteBitch was funny too. Went like... (when reading an IM message) " The kids...have...eskaypuuder.... The kids have eskayypuuudderr... THE KIDS HAVE ESCAPED!" and the shortie sidekick(literally) rolled his eyes. HILARIOUS!

I only woke up to what a MacHead i am when the WhiteBitch threw her apple powerbook at her shortie sidekick and only my (extremely loud) gasp was heard in the theatre. like *HERRRRRRRHHHHHHH!!!!!!*

and now to lament how apple powerbooks are popping up everywhere. Epic Movie...Just Follow Law.. IT'S FUCKING EVERYWHERE. *cries*

apple not cool anymore. there. i've just said it.

*ducks miscellaneous flying objects hurled at great speed*


don't you just love reading my blog? :P