Saturday, April 05, 2008

Life in the down and under-

hoo---boy, long overdue update on this blog. nothing much to report about the life in aussie, i am still alive. yes, that much is apparent. haha-

anyways, school is good and i've been drawing and taking commissions ($$$$$$). besides that, i've also been getting fat. how awesome.

but anyways, that was not why i wanted to update this blog.

there was a recent deluge of lost and found spam emails in my school account recently, and people were all in an uproar over the abuse of the school email system, etc etc, but luckily we have some smart alecs to entertain us all. buahahahah-



> Hi all,
> I found a ring seemingly made of gold in Baillieu library. It has no
> markings on it and looks to be a smooth continuous band of metal. I picked
> it up near a radiator though and it seemed to contain some faint cursive
> writings, though it seemed to disappear. I may have been mistaken.
> I tried bringing it to lost and found but everyone was busy and couldn't
> attend to me, so i had to resort to the email. I was wearing it at the
> time because i had no pockets and my hands weren't free, so my apologies
> to the owner.
> If this is your ring, please email me and i'll return it to you.


REPLY 01>>

Dear Shou Farn,

I am currently in search of this ring. Last I heard it was in the
possession of a hobbit. It would be best for you to return it to me.
If not, I will cast my giant eye over you and shoot out Beams of
Hellish Fire (tm).

Please call 1300-DARKLORD and ask for my secretary Saruman for the
delivery details. Thank you.

Kind Regards,
AKA Annatar, Gorthaur the Cruel
Dark Lord of Mordor


REPLY 02>>

Dear Ms. Chung,

There is only one ring that:-

(1) is seemingly made of gold;
(2) has no markings on it;
(3) is a smooth continuous band of metal;
(4) has cursive writings that disappear after being picked up.

That ring is The One Ring, and it belongs to Sauron, The Dark Lord of
Middle Earth. I'm afraid you won't be able to part with it, because it
will be too precioussss... to you.

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them.
One Ring to bring them all,
And in the darkness bind them!

With regards
ONG Eng Ju Turkey