Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sleeping in

You would think that I should know better than to take a nap at 1pm when I have a class at 3. :/ I set the alarm clock. I DID! I SET THE DAMNED CLOCK. Just blame it on me lah. I'm a damned pig. LOL~

Anyways.. I missed YongKin's class!!! Missed chance to drool at him. Dammit. But nvm. He's married. and a little balding. But still, he's so nice. :P So.. when I woke up at about 4 pm.. i was too lazy to get my ass up and go to school for arts appreciation lecture. Was supposed to meet XB for dinner.. so SORRY XB!!!! :P Treat you dinner next week. Yeah.. then my SouthPark dl was complete. *Yay* So watched SP till about 4.30 then went online to dl photoshop brushes, fiddled and diddled about in photoshop, rolled around in bed, watch a little tv.. then went back to sleep. Muahaha.. I love my life!

Okie.. maybe i'll ask chunz to redo my site with one of the wallpaper i made today.