Wednesday, August 31, 2005

2 more days...

OH mannnn.. SUPER TIRED.. this week averaging 3-4 hrs of slp/night. dark circles become black circles liao. can go zoo become panda!!!

super broke too.. T_T spent 7.50 printing my stuff which didn't turn out well, had to print again, 9 bucks. so total 16.50 T_T

oh the other hand.

i got to eat zaru soba!!! yay!!! and chawanmushi. yummmmmmmyyyyyy........ half of which is chunz treat. muahaha.

heh heh. finally got the book(s) that i wanted

Selected Poems and Letters - Authur Rimbaud (Penguin Classics) $32.03


Hitler and the Holocaust - Robert S. Wistrich (Modern Library) $24.27

from Kino.

broke.. AGAIN.. just not even beginning of the month.

anybody wanna be sugar daddy? T_T

or anybody wanna buy my paintings?

or donate to my charity?

i very transparent one.


ericsson has this quite interesting post about the difference btw how westerners and easterners see the world.

zuco's blog post of children in Beslan is pretty interesting too

just copy and paste in your browser becoz i dunno how to link. :X