Monday, August 29, 2005


loud, tasteless handphone ringtones are on the top of my hate list. most people think it's so cool that they have such stylo ringtones, but they don't realize how tasteless it is, (not to mention how poor quality it almost always is) and how it shows off their retard-ness and lack of brain cells. if a handphone ringtone is a reflection of who you are, then i think most people in singapore are morons who like to "show off" though i don't know what the hell they are showing off.

even better, people who play their ringtones on max volume on trains and buses. disgusting. they should just get hit by the bus or fall down the train tracks and get run over by the MRT. then their brains (?) or whatever that fills up the space between their ears can spill all over and then maybe i see a bit of bone and blood.


had to restrain myself from slapping this malay "hoochimama" today in the bus. kept playing don't phunk with my heart with her friend. at LEAST 6 times.


die! you people with loud handphone ringtones. DIE..