Saturday, August 27, 2005

bday msg from kha

i swear she's psychic or sth. :X everytime i'm feeling down she does something like that. -_-"
kha - thanks anyways. LOL!

My LONG LONG LONG overdue bday msg from kha!

>>>> ANN !! My best friend plus sister plus all the bad and good. I can't think of many vocabulary words now 'cos the flu medicine is starting to take effect, as I've just realised. Haha ! But I MUST do this 'cos I promised a looooong msg for you on your birthday !

2002 till now. Hope it goes on...haha ! We are changing all the time, definitely, in character and personality and all...but I hope at the end of the day, you will know that I still regard you as my sister, and I want the best for you...for you to see the best of the world and your life =) Try to stop being cynical at times and be more positive yeah ? Life's not all bad. And wear something else other than black can ? You taking over Gek's ex wardrobe now issit ? Lol.

Seeing you enjoy what you do now...and excelling in it really makes me glad =) I've seen and heard you since our secondary school days. Haha ! How you dreaded each and every lesson, especially SS 'cos of a certain someone. Heh. How you had no interest in what we were learning 'cos it wasn't what you wanted to do... And now you are working all out to make all your dreams happen...that's good ! Go for it yeah ? Jia you !

You're finally 18 now. Yes yes...can finally buy alcohol legally and stuff but try to control hor. I dowan to hear you coming to me and telling me you're pregnant or sth (*gasps!*) Just kidding la...haha !!! Go for your dreams and whatever you do, just make you you won't regret it yeah ? I'm here for you yep yep ? So is Vera =) Your two da jies. Lol. much as you hate it, you're still youngest and we'll always treat you like our xiao mei. Muahahaha !

Okay, I have to stop typing now 'cos I'm really not gonna make anymore sense if I continue typing. So take care you girls and all the best k ? *hugs* <<<<


how nice to have real friends

yeah, mushy. but whatever XP

kha : don't make me write a letter in reply.. lol~ i cannot write positive stuff lidat :X