Monday, August 22, 2005


Sometimes I wonder why the hell we keep in touch with our "old" friends wayyyy back from sec school. Everytime you see them, you feel awkward and at a loss for what to say or do. The only conversation you trade are the cliched "Hey, long time no see! How's life? Oh great? That's good. MMm.. yeah yeah. Okie, cya!"

Even your closest friends drift away because they have their own life and their own friends. I can't help but think sometimes, friends are actually redundant. But probably that's because I'm a anti-social psychopath. Afterall the activities I usually do don't exactly require company, reading, drawing, listening to music.. etc.. I can probably count the number of friends I have on 1 hand. Pathetic? Yeah, but good also. No more headache about backstabbing and etc. Oddly, its usually the people that you were closest to that you feel most awkward with.

To hell with them!


Enough of the mushy stuff. To the real stuff now.

The National Day Speech Rally!! (Yeah, i know it's a little slow XP)

Even though I often bitch about the gahmen and all, I'm glad we have such a competent gahmen, us the peasants have no need to havoc and comprain. Okie la, got comprain, but no major ones okie! I really have to credit them for their forward-looking-ness and ability to brainwash us peasants. *oops* So let us observe a minute of silence to pay our respect(s) to the MIW.


Do you ever notice how the camera will always pan from PM Lee to the captive.. no wait, captivated audience just in time to see them nod their heads in agreement? I swear it is the gahmen-media conspiracy to brain-wash the singaporean people.

"AH, yes! Just like that. Perfect angle. Yes, yes! *Demonic laughter* Singapore will beLong to ME! ME ME ME ME!
As long as those stupid peasants see the other stupid peasants nod their heads in agreement to what i'm saying, they'll think what i'm saying is right! RIGHT! and they will nod their heads in agreement. And SINGAPORE WILL BELONG TO ME! .....Eh? No wait, it already does. But whatever. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!! SINGAPORE WILL BELONG TO ME! "

And then the PM Lee.. talk in melayu damned power, but then come to the cheenaise is bery the "powderful". Peng, I think like one quarter of the intonation of the chinese words is incorrect, summore stumbled over so many many many words. LOL!
But sibei power. I think ask me to memorize, i can only memorize the first part.

"Dear Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for joining me tonight...... As you all know, watching and listening to the national day speech rally is compulsory because all the stations are playing me tonight! Even the TWO chinese stations, with the exact same chinese voiceover, just to emphasize the importance of the chinese language in the coming years ahead! You know now the ang moh also want to learn chinese! They bring their kids to Singapore so they can recieve our powerful bilingual education! *silence*

*looks around for the script*

"Oh yes, sorry. Where was I? Ah. Yes, the ang mohs. *reads from script in monotonous voice*"

So yah man, our PM Lee damned power. All hail the PM Lee! Long live the emperor! 皇帝吉祥!皇帝万岁万岁万万岁!

*like i've said before. don't sue me! i'm just a stupid innocent kid! (innocent face)*