Saturday, August 20, 2005

If Mr Nathan had a blog...

Dear blog,

It has been a tiring and weary day for me. I fought a long and bitter battle with Mr Andrew Kuan and emerged victorious. Finally, I get a second term at rolling out the red carpet for the foreign diginitaries and championing the President's Star Charity.

I must say, the NKF debacle has helped the PSC in the recent fund raiser I attended. Though tragic, I cannot help but gloat over T.T. Durai's misfortune. He had to run an entire organization for just mere peanuts, while I sit here in comfort, enjoying my life as president, with no one complaining about the money I get without doing even a quarter of what he's doing. How life has changed from the times I served as the Japaneses' dog. Now instead of translating for them, I get to sit and enjoy tea and sushi with them. Indeed, how life has changed.

I am glad my recent check-ups showed that I am hale and hearty. I want to live long enough to enjoy the 2.3 million I earn every year.

Meeting Hsien Long at the Istana tomorrow for a celebratory meal, though we've planned it 2 months in advance, we're still going to act surprised at my winning the elections. I must say it is very obliging of JTC and Hyflux to come out and speak against Mr Kuan. Patriots, all of them.

Note to self, remember to address the public on my concerns over the growing disparities of the wage the lower income families and remind the wife not to mention anything related to nuts. We wouldn't want what happened to Choo Leng happen to us! God forbid, no.

Dear blog, I am turning in for the night. All these excitement over the non-election has tuckered me out. I will write in you tomorrow.

Your Singaporean President,