Tuesday, September 13, 2005


OMFG. can you believe i'm playing 邓丽君主的小城 and 梁山伯与祝英台 on the bloody piano? wtf?! HAHAHAHAHAHA. *knocks myself out laughing.*


A convo between me and a friend recently. okie - make that a few friends. something must be wrong. bleh.

misc friend : Eh. wanna go out/clubbing/meet up?

me : for?

misc friend : fun lah!

me : why?

misc friend : just go lah! fun!

me : i busy.

misc friend : with what?

me : arguing with somebody.

misc friend : who?

me : dunno. anonymous people online

misc friend : siao.

me : link to "battle field"

15 mins later

misc friend : you very free hor?

me : no lah.

misc friend : bo dai ji you go fight for what? siao. fight until you dowan to go out. crazy ah!

me : ....must be......

misc friend : why you fight for what?

me : fun?

misc friend : FUN?!?

me : yeah.

misc friend : eh, I think you need to go see a shrink.

me : yeah.

Hmmmmm..... whatever. methinks shrinks are too expensive.


i've updated phreaque-art!