Sunday, September 11, 2005

Freedom of Speech is a PAIN in the ASS!

Sometimes, I just think that Singaporeans are too repressed. Too much work stress, too much school stress, just too much stress in general. When something happens, everything lets loose. And when they are united in one purpose?


Update on the guy whose pants are on fire, Ephraim or E frame (as Rockson supporters like to call it) he took down all his posts except two addressing the Rockson supporters.

Sad case man.. sad case. The guy lost his blog, his life in the blogsphere, (what little he had before the attacks) he lost his right to free speech and if he dares venture out into the Singapore steets - probably his life as well. (Stupid! If want to "attack" Rockson don't put your photos up! Easy to recognise okie!)

I think Singaporeans (the majority who supports Rockson anyways) lack the ability to distinguish a statement of fact from a personal attack. Just because one's name is mentioned as an example does not make them the target of the attack. I think they need to recognise that before flaming the guy. And occasionally his mom. (His poor mother...)

I seriously cannot find one single speck of insult to Rockson anywhere in his letter. He was just expressing his horror at the expletives used. How is that an insult to Rockson?

If he doesn't find Rockson's posts funny, then he's just an anal-retentive person. What's wrong with that? If he finds the use of vulgarities unacceptable, he's just a prim and proper person with no sense of humor as well. What's wrong with that?


Anyways. Back to the post. Why freedom of speech is a PAIN IN THE ASS.

You see my dear friends, Rockson has a right to express himself via vulgarities. Ephraim has a right to express his anal-retentive and humorless self via the ST Forum. Rockson supporters have the right to express themselves through tagging Ephraim's tagboard. Which leads to Ephraim commenting that he has a right to freedom of speech. Which then leads to Rockson supporters saying that they have the freedom of speech to cuss at him too. and the cycle continues and continues and continues....

IMHO, freedom of speech should be reserved to those who can think rationally. So not everybody can mouth off.

Sigh. I still say Ephraim is stupid though. And his blog kinda sucks too. Every post no caps, ends every sentence like this... so the entire post is like super lame...and like this... and like that...

Hai. I hope he doesn't get beaten up too badly. Then cannot pose with Joi Chua liao. But I think he oso dun dare to go out.

I really hope no Rockson supporters stumbles upon this site.

Even if they did I hope they read it thoroughly.

Maybe I shouldn't be posting this up...

Then again I'm more stupid than I actually think I am.

So there. Freedom of speech is a pain in the ass.

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*edit : must put up peace sign, just in case.*