Saturday, September 10, 2005


Well, if you've read the latest chapter in the bloggers' bible aka Talk Rock, you'd have noticed a disturbing similarity between his recent entry and that of XiaXue's supposed last entry.

Xiaxue -> cannot take flaming, complain about her blogging her views and people not understanding her brand of humor, bye readers, i love you! will come back, maybe!

Result -> XX fans not happy, XX non-fans very happy. When XX fans not happy, they go flame XLX and other misc bloggers who criticised XX.

Rockson -> people write to Straits Times to comprain, he not happy becoz he got the right to fuck and cb his way thru his blog. so maybe he no blog so much becoz people watching him pcc he dun dare to shoot.

Result -> poor guy who complains against rockson tio flame until his pants on fire.

This is what he said.

"This & that

A monthly section dedicated to weblogs to watch out for mentioned one titled Top Rock (

When I looked at the accompanying graphic, I was astonished to find several Hokkien expletives referring to male and female body parts in the text in fine print.

I then visited the website and, to my horror, most posts were laced with such vulgarities.

Although the weblog uses such phrases and presents a lighter side of life, it may offend readers.

Our parents teach us from a young age not to spew these foul phrases as it reflects badly on one's upbringing.

Yet a local magazine, dedicated to teenagers, promotes such behaviour by encouraging its readers to check the site and even labels it 'hilarious'.

Another story in the same magazine pays tribute to celebrity blogger Wendy Cheng (

No doubt she's Singapore's most popular blogger - who uses the 'f' word in her posts nonetheless.

Is it right to encourage teenagers to follow her style of writing to be popular like her? I beg to differ.

I'm sure there are better weblogs with more personal opinions and more depth out there.

I hope MediaCorp Publishing will take such views seriously and not joke about the usage of such unkind words just because they may sound funny.

Tell me. Would you have objected to what he said if he wasn't targeting Rockson?

Have Singaporeans become so intolerant of other people's right to express themselves?
Basically, I don't think what Ephraim said was wrong. Yes, Rockson has a right to express himself. Lan cheow okie!

But so does Ephraim. Rockson is blogger, Ephraim is blogger. Rockson like to tok cock, Ephraim like to tok cock oso. I don't see why he should get flamed if Rockson doesn't get flamed by people who agree with Ephraim - (if there are any lah.)

(Unprovoked) personal attacks like "FUCK YOU, YOU SUCK, YOUR MOTHER IS A FUCKING BITCH, etc.." are just totally unacceptable. Would be good if you could respond nicely to a provoked attack too.

Sigh. Singaporeans are really REALLY immature.