Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I like :

Bread + egg + ketchup + fermented toufu with chilli and sesame oil
Getting caught in the rain
Sitting downstairs when it's raining
Waking up to a rainy day
The sound of thunder
Reading in the balcony on the swing
Watching anime
Annoying people
Arguing with people
Stupid people who talk before they think
Elephants with purple hats
Reading the back of soap dispensers while i'm in the toilet
Not returning Library books
Playing with fire
The Banana (powerbook)
mp3 players
Things that are well designed

I want to :

Go to Tibet to be a monk
Not have to worry about money
Buy all the books I want w/o my dad complaining
Have more space in my room
Clean up my room
Buy the Edward Scissorshand figurine I saw in Queenstown shopping center
Force the stupid boss of that toy shop to sell it to me
Kick his ass when he doesn't
Break into the display case and carry Edward away
Own 1/2 of the books in Kino

I dislike :

Teenagers who go out in big groups and yak loudly
Guys my age - most of them anyways
Stupid people who talk before they think
Idiots who don't do their part in groupwork
Pumpkins and bittergourd
Girls who wear pink all over
Girls who wear pink and carry Emily/Nightmare before Christmas
People who say Emily is a Tim Burton creation
Toilets with no toilet paper
Richard Clayderman - he's a liar
People who own iPods and carry it in their hands in Orchard
The white iPod ear piece

I get a kick outta :

Nicely designed things
My obsession with nicely designed things
Well thought out / planned designs
Annoying people
Weird things
Reading Crime Library
Trying to analyse criminal behaviour
Analysing my own emotions
Using the Banana
My panasonic ear plugs
Good sound systems

I wish :

I could "blend in" more with my peers sometimes
I wouldn't "blend in" with them
I didn't think that most of my peers are either morons, or dickheads
I had more friends
I had less friends
People I dislike would just zip their mouths shut
I could turn them into snails
Snails would get out of my way so I don't crush so many of them
I could have a lifetime supply of jelly
I studied more for O lvls
My dad's friends wouldn't keep asking me why I didn't go JC
People wouldn't ask me "how come you so matured for your age?"
people would stop hounding me to get a boyfriend (you know who you are)