Sunday, September 18, 2005


You know, there's this discussion on religion going on in the forum.

I don't understand how people can be so certain their god exist - even when they've probably never seen or heard Him/Her/Them before.

Especially the religions with one, and only ONE god. Mostly it's like

"There is only ONE GOD. LISTEN TO HIM and you shall be saved."

or something like that.

but then if there's only ONE god how come there are so many religions?

scarly you die and you find out there are many many gods how? are you going to start believing in them?

"oh it's okie. I didn't know there were so many gods when I was alive so now it's okie to worship many many gods."

then if there's only ONE god, what about the rest who don't believe in Him or believe in other gods? Are they going to be screwed in the backside?

"WTF?!? YOU MEAN I'VE BEEN BELIEVING IN THE WRONG GOD FOR ALL MY LIFE? WTBF!!!!!!! Now whadda I do? Convert and worship this god? PTUI!"

What if you die and you find out ALL gods are ONE?

"Erm, Jesus - no, Allah. Or is it Shiva? Oh no matter. Whatever your name is I worship you my dear god. Please don't send me to hell."

Then there's the thing about what happens after you die. Some believe you go to heaven. Others believe you reincarnate.

But then all humans die. Cannot possibly be you Christian, you go heaven - he Buddhist, he reincarnate right?

And if reincarnation is true, we're all a bunch of resurrected corpses walking around in new bodies.


But if we all go to heaven, so many dead people, got space meh?

Aiyahhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! IRRITATING LA, these kinda rhetorical questions.


i've updated phreaque-art!