Thursday, September 15, 2005

Idiot Nation

Heh. Just finished reading Idiot Nation by Michael Moore. I LIKE!!! It's an extract from Stupid White Men - so I guess I'll have to buy that too. When I gots the moneeh.

Also finished reading Forgetting Things by Sigmund Freud. If only I'd read it during Sec Sch. Can explain to my teachers why I keep "forgetting" to do my homework.

"AG! Why's your hw not done again?"

"I forgot! REALLY!!"

"How is it possible that you keep forgetting to do your hw?"

"Sigmund Freud says..........."

"Enough. Go stand outside the classroom. NOW."

Then again, maybe it's not such a good idea. Bleh. But I think Freud is funny - he thinks too much.

what to do now? i can't sleep.



gooo goooo gaa gaa gehehehehe...

i swear the dog just sniggered. stupid dog. he just smirked at me. idiot dog. bleh.

maybe i should go read gandhi's autobiography. hopefully can put me to sleep.

ja -


i've updated phreaque-art!