Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Wah lau eh, I just woke up after a long long nap. Like when I blogged about Be With Me until 5 minutes ago. What to do now leh? Sian...

I keep remembering I have to do something. But I don't remember what. *Tears out hair*

Weird thing is I dreamt about the iPod nano. But like U2 version. WTF? That would be sweeeeettttt... Not that I like U2, but the colours - sweeeeettttt.
Kinda pissed off. What to do with my iPod mini now? Nolah. I won't trash it yet. Not even 1 y-o neh. I dun like colour screens though. Listen to mp3 still need to look at screen? Bullshit. Why'd I put photos in the Nano?

aiyah. wadever. i'll go try sleeping summore.