Saturday, September 24, 2005



Blew 200 bucks today. Spent the last 50 bucks on the gackt cd. YAY...? I can't really be happy when I'm broke.

Went down to the "LGF gig/band gig" thing at the Esplanade (waterfront place). This local band, The Lost Transmission was like damned fucking good man! GREAT VOCALIST! omfg! GREAT!

Chunz got the CD. eheh. I was broke. goddamned.

The thing about Singaporean audience is that they're not "on" one. Peepur tell them to clap, they don't clap. Tell them to light their lighters and wave to the song, only like 1% did.


this blog is pretty dead right now. mainly because i'm pretty "busy" with other stuff.




i've updated phreaque-art!