Sunday, October 02, 2005



happy happy happy!!


oh yes, rabid fangirls are scary. hahahaahaha



i do apologise for the lame posts these past week(s). somebody was complaining to me that my blog is starting to sound like a primary one kiddy blog - a rather insane, inane and hyperactive primary one kid.

the only excuse i can give is that i'm rather preoccupied with my drawings these days.
how do you explain the rush and excitement? the joy that comes from starting a piece of work? the satisfaction that comes from completing a piece of work??

i can't really. it's like being in love, but better. much better. i can't keep my mind focused on anything else but my art. i keep wondering if the muse would call me, why he doesn't call me, getting jealous when i see people who are much better artists than i am.. etc etc.. the usual stuff you feel when you're in love.

i can't say i can draw very well. i can't say that i'm better than others. the only thing i can however say is that i will continue to draw, to practice and to give all that i have to be the best that i can be.

yes. it's off to the doodle board again.



i've updated phreaque-art!