Wednesday, September 28, 2005



Diabolos has been playing in the iTunes for 3 days straight. I'm about to foam at the mouth.

Eheh heh heh. I love Lin Hsing Hsia!

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You know, the woman who played the Bride with White Hair and Xiao Ao Jiang Hu. etc etc.. I bought a couple of her VCDs a few days ago. MUAhaha. Movie Marathon!!

I think celebrities of the past are so... ?? beautiful. classy. stylish. These days anybody can be a celebrity. BAHHHH..... Trashy bitches who can't act for nuts. Ptui*

>> To Norman if you're still reading this blog, please give your blog add! i lost it when i switched my comments to Haloscan. Then I can have your sketch up.<<

*2nd edit* my new desktop wallpaper!! Muahaha. i know it's pink. Get over it. :X Spirited away!!!!! hahahahahhahaha.

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i've updated phreaque-art!