Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yes! I think I'm officially outta my slump. Imma drawing almost 24/7 right now, the juices are spurting!!!

Can you imagine waking up at 3am in the morning to draw because the muse woke you up and dragged you outta dreamland? Gahahaha. Yes, i'm mad.

It's is painful relief i suppose. :/ you can't believe how incredibly frustrating it is to be in a slump. YOu stare at the canvas, stare at the blank paper, pick up the pencil and throw it away because all that is coming outta you is crap. C R A P.

Hmm. I noticed sth. Everytime I take an interest in world matters my muse just goes on a holiday. When I write long long essays the muse gets pissed off.

hahaha. maybe i should just stop blogging about serious stuff.

BAHahahahaha. Maybe the brain is just too tiny to support too many things at once. like the RAM of the computer.

i think mine's only about like say, 256 MB.

If open photoshop and microsoft word together can lag like shyt.