Thursday, February 09, 2006


mucha = genius.

erte = genius.

me = lousy piece of shite.


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oh yeah. i wanna go for the nude figure drawing class. but clash of schedule - which is quite unfortunate really. i'd kill for a nude model. helloo anybody wanna volunteer??????

male or female it doesn't matter. i'd prefer female though.

if i didn't know better i'd think i'm a lesbian - only that girl/girl action turns me off. really turns me off. ick.

but the female body is way more beautiful than the male body - i mean - the male body is only beautiful if you have 6 percent body fat like gackt.

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see what i mean? so - if you have a body like that and wanna offer it to me my art - yes please. but i'll be slobbering all over you so bring tissues. eh. yeah just offer it to me and i will be a very happy girl artist i mean.