Tuesday, May 09, 2006


okay i just returned from a "masterclass"

please. it was like pure torture.

the designer was incoherent.

the people asked stupid fucking questions.

awkward silences ensues...

and some stupid person had to break the silence by asking another question.

and the designer couldn't answer questions properly.

cliched answers.

it's like asking

"where's the horse's head?"

and him replying

"oh the cow buttock very smelly."

and some smartass had to ask the

"so what have you learnt in blah blah blah... type questions"

to which he answered very lamely.

and then i got fucking pissed with the entire fiasco.

so when we had a "walk about" session to interact with the designer more intimately,

i asked him like


just purely to get on his nerves.

(and also because i believed he couldn't answer intelligent questions.)

it's like

a revenge

for the time i wasted travelling and sitting through the masterclass,

for the time i had to seat through stupid questions and listen to stupid answers

for the amount of disgusting time spent with TTC sitting next to me.

so i pretty much got on his nerves. questioning his ability and asking lameass questions.

not the most advised course of action.. but i was like super pissed. and i wanted him to be pissed too.


i hate wasting my time on shit like this when i could have been reading my fanfiction.


even though i made myself sound really stupid

even though i totally discredited my intellect

even though i totally discredited my school

i have to admit;

watching his irritated face...

was like a balm to my tortured soul.


therefore. i don't regret it one bit. at all.

i rocks.

i totally rocks.


*in other news*

i believe the heat has short circuited my brain

and therefore

from now

you are going to get alot of lame shit from me

plus a whole lot of ranting

because the heat makes me irritable

and yeah.


i hate cheapskate guys.

pui pui......