Sunday, June 25, 2006


you know

someone asked me today why my blog was so. clean?

what is a clean blog you ask?

it means (at least to him) that i have too little words and too much spacing.

which is kinda something




anyways, the reason i like to write like this is because space on my blog is FREE. ie. i don't have to pay a single cent for everytime i hit the enter key.

NAH. that's not the reason. i like to have big spaces interacting with small words. it makes for good reading.

besides. i know that many people just up and go when they see a wordy blog.

anyways. i just reread the stuff i wrote close to a year before. GAWD. i was so bloody. immature. it pains me to see what i've written. it's embarrassing. TOTALLY embarrassing.

sometimes i think of so many things to write i can't decide what to write. therefore i just write simple sentences. besides if i write everything i think of.

you'd know what a EVVVVIILLL little bitch i am.



here's the reason why my blog is so