Saturday, July 22, 2006

To Jo.

i just got off a msn chat with one of my secondary school teacher.

she was the "CHIO" teacher in sec school - made me listen to her geography class cos she's so pretty. XD heck. the only way you could get me to listen back then was either to be pretty/andro/handsome, or be a kickass awesome teacher.

jo was both. XD you DREW on the whiteboard! YOU DREW! and that caught my attention which is prolly why i didn't fail geog. :P

and she was one of the few teachers who inspired me to go for my dreams, who encouraged me when i was feeling confused and pretty lost (at the time). and who provided a helping hand at the time when i needed most.

i don't go back to school much, for teachers' day or whatever reasons students go back to secondary school. because mainly i don't really have good memories back in sec school - apart from the time spent in band, which again you were part of. i don't ever remember telling you this, so i'll do it here.

Thanks Cher,

thanks for all the help and encouragement that you have given me and those of us in school who were fucked up and confused, who didn't know where to go and what to choose. for those of us who got disparaged by other teachers because our results didn't come up to par. for those of us who faced objections and discouragement in their choice of path from all around; parents, friends, teachers, etc.

i've seen friends who don't know what they want to be, don't know where they want to go and pretty much wasted their time in JC/Poly taking courses they have no interest in.

it scares me to think that i could have been one of them, aimless, wondering who i am and trying to find my identity in that mess of life that "could have been" mine if i had taken the safe path and followed them like pigs to the slaughter. You got the ball rolling for me when you showed me the prospectus of Temasek Design Polytechnic.

i probably wouldn't be who i am today without you, Richard and Sylvia. (though i wouldn't DARE call Ms Low "Sylvia" to her face :P)

i'm sure i'm not the only life you have affected.

and i hope you'll continue to inspire the students you teach, because teachers like that are hard to come by for lousy students like me.



to the others who read the blog:

so this is not my usual style of writing. live with it. :/