Wednesday, September 27, 2006


i wanted to blog about something REALLYYYY important. then i forgot what it is.

anyways. chavez called bush the devil. in front of the freaking UN.


but i disagree. the devil would have more intelligence and charisma than that bumbling oaf of a shrub. and the devil is reportedly wickedly handsome.



this is what happens when you put a fucking hack who can't talk right, can't think at all, miserable excuse for a human on the president's seat.

okay. i wanted to say something else but that fleeting thought escaped my brain again.


am i going senile?

oh yes. i'm re-watching my 12 Kingdoms VCD again.

yay Youko rawks my sox!

and En-O is so hot.

yeh. me likes Fuyumi Ono.

and i wants $$ to buy her novels.


and i end this ramble.