Tuesday, October 24, 2006

how to get over public disgrace. fast.


so nothing tells you that you have to lose weight anymore than breaking the mrt cabin wall and falling into the conductor cabin. which i did today. which was MAJORLY embarrassing.

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and the whole train carriage was laughing at me. but i would have too - if it weren't me.

but anyways, judging by the look on the train conductor's face, i think he thought i was a terrorist barging into his cabin to take over the train and wreck it with tear gas or something. it was HILARIOUS. now that i think about it. so i just said "OOPS. SORRY." and pulled the door shut. and turned to face the hordes of laughing people.

it's always good to have somebody by your side when you embarrass yourself in public. :X you just have to brazen through the whole thing and have REALLY thick skin - which thankfully i have - and just say "THAT'S EMBARASSING" in a self-deprecating manner. XD

and then after they laugh for ten minutes they'll forget about it and resume normal conversation. and some wiseass would bring the topic of the girl who fell into the cabin and the whole group would laugh again. - which is again what i would normally do.

oh well. they should be glad i provided entertainment and fodder for blogging for their otherwise bland and boring train journey.