Saturday, November 18, 2006

oh. my. dog.


HI MS LOW!!!! *Waves frenetically* HI MS LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*bows and kowtows*

HI MS LOW!!! (notice i still don't dare to call you your given name :P)

i hope you're well and happy! :D you've made emmanuel and xiaobin comment on my blog. that's nothing short of a miracle. :P i'm kinda at a loss for words right now, but to echo what xiaobin said, thanks for everything Ms Low! i'd probably be a retard right now if you hadn't scared galvanised me into taking action about my future. THANK YOU! you're probably the most respected teacher in the history of NASS.

did you know we used to have watchers near the windows to see if you have left the teacher's room so we could stand up and prepare to greet you before you stepped into the classroom?

ah. good times, good memories.

Yes, and I apologise for all the grammatical and spelling errors on my blog. /(>.<)

p.s: i was in my school canteen when emmanuel instant-messaged me to tell me you left a comment on my blog. your comment made me laugh like a maniac in front of many people.

- - - - - - - -

Hello CHER JO! thanks for leading Ms Low here to me humble little blog.

- - - - - - - -

>> In Other News

I'm now pretty active on phreaque-art. check it every once in a while because i'll be uploading more drawings! WEEEEE!!!