Sunday, November 19, 2006



today is a REALLY tiring day. but really fun and happy. XD

i is happy today. WHEEEE! and i'd like to thank ALL the people who bought our postcards

and the people who came down specially to support.

which is

Cher Jo : HELLO!!!!!!!!! YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCHHHIIIEEE!!!!!!! *loves you* :))))))))))) and all my friends say you're very chio. hahahahahahhaha.


MERV: HELLO!!!!!! nice to finally see you in person, thanks for coming down to support!!!!! THANKSSSSSS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

i hope i didn't scare anybody today.

the atmosphere at Maad is really quite nice, made some friends and got some cool namecards. and i bought. stuff. that i shouldn't have bought. because i. am. broke. now.

ah. oh wells.

happy is i.



and btw, we're gonna be there for like one month, next week they have some designer fest thing going on (i'm not exactly sure what actually) and the whole thing is going to be moved to Plaza Singapura (not sure where either) for Friday, Sat and Sun.

i'll have new designs up by then

and people have suggested that we print shirts.

i'm not too sure when we're going to do that though.