Sunday, December 10, 2006


yes ag is terribly sorry for the lack of updates in this blog. i have no idea where the dayS went - it just WHIZZED past like some hyperactive bumble bee on adrenaline. or something.

just returned from a day at MAAD Sunday down at the Red Dot Traffic Museum, it'll be our last day there - sad :( yes i know.. - because we've met so many amazingly friendly people there who keep FEEDING US! yummy food. yummmehhh... :D and the company was just awesome. made many good friends and had many funny moments and clients, all very interesting experiences.

but. what to do. FYP IS EVIL. EVIL EVIL EVIL - which reminds me. i haven't done anything AT ALL for my FYP. die. :PPPPPP but enough about that dreary topic. I AM GOING TO BLOG ABOUT

my mother.

yes. my mother. HAHAHAHHA. i think my mom's gone on a shopping spree today, but the thing is, the things that she buys for me is not my style AT ALL. what to do? die lor. Apparently some taiwan fashion show has been preaching the trend of rivets in handbags for the autumn/winter season, i just didn't have the heart to tell my mom that was like. i dunno how long ago la. but still. i'll probably stlll use the bag. just so she sees me carrying it and thinks that i like it.


it's white btw. i think i'm gonna spray it black or something. with a stencil design perhaps. that'd be coollllssssss....

and i must now try prop my eyes open with toothpicks and do something to show pegs tomorrow. bahah. seeya folks


or something i can't remember the lyrics quite right.

ah. the joy.

to the world.

blah blah blah.