Friday, December 15, 2006




okay here i must really thank all my faithful blog readers. like maddie, merv and chuang who came down support MAAD@PS. i kept wanting to post it then i forgot. :PPPP oops. I never expected you guys to come down and it was so fun meeting you! :DDD except for chuang because i wasn't there, but thanks nontheless. :D So THANKS GUYS!!!! *hugs*

and in other news...

i have been in concentration camp in school. not very productive though. :PPP but I'M TRYIIINNGGG... *cries* but anyways. it's all good fun. chunz and i + amy sometimes all camped in school from morning till night till we're chased by security. blahah. wheeeeee.

i'm such a slacker. ^_^

ah and to entertain you.

the various spastic expressions of me, taken by our maad customers. i seem to have reaaallly. reallllllllly. weird expressions.


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first one is by maddie. heh. i stole it! :D

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this one is by a russian couple who bought alot of our postcards and later emailed it to me.

isn't it so horrible to have one's memory of you like that. like, you go home after a trip and look through your photos and you see my spastic face and go. OH yeah! she's that illustrator who drew the postcards. and she looks like that!


ah well. deep impression lah huh.

oh well....


we will be down at TAKA on the 23/24th Dec @ the iForum thingy to sell our stuff! :D operating time is 12m-9pm again but we might be leaving earlier on the 23rd because I AM GOING TO A B-QUARTET GIG. WAHAHAHAHAHAH.

oh well. not really b-quartet la. more like one man solo show. BUT I GOTS HIS AUTOGRAPH. HEHEHEHEHEHEEHHHH