Monday, October 01, 2007

omg. argh!

i am seriously devastated. the website that used to be my online home in year 2 of TP is GONE. GONE FOREVER!


it was this hate blog dedicated to ridiculous or rather, ridiculing online bloggers like xiaxue, dawn yang and the like. i spent the better part of my second year in poly actively participating in flame wars and online battles. (remember when i actually updated this blog like. once a day or several times a day? HAHA!)

it's all gone now. GONE. like WIPED CLEAN. OMG LA.


>>in other news>>

i've been indulging in retail theraphy, bought nail polish (black, what else?), facial masks, dvds, vcds, a jacket (for ten freaking bucks!) More to follow. WAHAHA. if my wallet can take the stress. we'll see.


CONGRATS TO JO! eh, by your blog i think you meant the flickr? i saw your kid, he's cute!!!! let me figure out how to comment in flickr. :X but i saw him XD