Saturday, November 17, 2007


(pronounced hee-day)

Of the many artistes I listen to, there isn't anyone who rocks my world more than hide. Nobody even comes close. His intrepid musicality, his dynamic showmanship, the energy he brings to every performance, I can go on and on. There isn't a single song from him I don't like, and if his life wasn't tragically cut short, I'd imagine his career spanning international bases.

music is universal, but some are more universal than most.

RIP hide.

Pink Spider

Translated lyrics : credit

You spread your web of lies,
Thought your small world was everything,
Wounding anything passing by,
You though the sky was square.

"This is all there is... this is it, isn't it?"
You said... but that's a lie...

Your dismal stripes looked so sad,
A bird of pardise decided to talk to you.

"Get some butterfly's wings and come over here."
"Over there everything is just what you want."

Pink Spider "I want to go"
Pink Spider "I want wings..."

Not listening to the dying pleas of your captured butterfly,
You glare up at the sky.
"I didn't wound you out of hatred,
But I don't have wings,
And the sky is so high..."

"Go ahead and use my wings, spider.
But even you, who is yet to know the hardships of flying,
Will someday realise.
That you were only flying within someone's hand,
And that you were calling that freedom..."

Unable to fly properly with your borrowed wings,
Upside down you tumble to the ground.

Pink Spider "It's all over"
Pink Spider "But I can see the sky..."
Pink Spider "I'm a failure"
Pink Spider "I want wings..."

The glimpses you caught of the other side of the sky,
The birds go South.
"I'll fly one more time, tearing away these strings,
With my own jets,
As soon as that cloud passes by..."

Pink Spider, The sky is calling you
Pink Spider, Pink Spider

A pink coloured cloud passes the sky.

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