Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I'm (re)learning how to use chopsticks. because i've always used them crossed. which is the incorrect way. eh. so i've been dropping like bits and pieces of food all over the table, which is annoying but HAH. today, tonight rather, i can finally seat through one meal without reverting back to my habitual cross-sticks.

forgive the bad drawing. i'm lying upside down on my bed now. i can't see fuck.

andd... today is the 100th day of my uncle's death, so got up early in the morning, went to temple. pray, burnt money and mansion and car (my uncle is like -AT LEAST - i think a millionaire now from all the paper money we burnt. although the standard of living might be pretty high. i dunno.)

then went to the arcade with my cousins, two guys around my age. SO WE PLAYED ALL THE FUN GAMES. WAHAHA. especially the basketball thingy, i never knew the hoops could move. HAHA. SO FUN! and then i released all my pent up frustration and anger on the hit machines (those pop up kinds where you can just whack the METAL animals on the head. WAHHAAAHAHA) and then the soft-toy grabbing machine, where the prongs are fucked up and you end up wasting sibei alot of money. fun! i got on the DDR (dance dance revolution) machine for the first time. HAHA! XD so happy. because i got like. about 60 tickets, and exchanged it for a coin purse and a giant chocolate stick.

i love being a girl. because they always refuse to take my money. HAHA! WAHAHA. but then they also always play games that i can't play. like the percussion machine thingy. and like. win me at basketball. especially after like the 5th round when my arms were about to fall off.

we were cheating at the basketball machine, so got all the balls into one machine and continuously threw 3 pointer balls in a sorta twisted and fucked up relay race. and then the shop attendant came over and...like gave us the EVVVIILLL look and stopped our game halfway. basket. (balls.) HAHA!

geez. can you tell that i'm high?

and then more retail therapy, bought this really really cute bag with an illustration of nutcrackers printed on it. nice.

lala. i'm not making any sense right now because i'm so tired.

dunno what i'm typing anymore.


had durian pancake. which was like. damned nice.

and candymix

and chocolate brownie shared with my cousin


i forgot.

okay end of post.


in other news>>

-the MAADzine i art-directed is OUT! come down MAAD@red dot museum to get your copy!

-my wireless is driving me NUTS! BONKERS!! INSANE!!! GARH. it is like. disconnecting intermittenly, so my MSN conversations are screwed up, i have to turn off/turn on my wireless again, i dunno what the fuck is wrong and I AM SOOOOO PISsED OFF.



oh well.