Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Well well.. the hooha about the NKF vs SPH battle has almost subsided.. Seriously, I applaud T.T.Durai for his thick skin and ability to weather through this storm in our sunny tropical island. I bet he's kicking his own ass right now wishing he had never even thought of suing SPH. (Never mess with SPH, you dumbass. If you came to ask me earlier, you could have saved your first-class salary and then maybe split a little with me) Then he can continue to sit in his 12-story NKF building in the top office enjoying his gold-plated taps, driving around in his public-sponsored Mercedes, jetting around in first-class flights and enjoying the humogous salary he is "ENTITLED" to, most of which comes from nice, stupid, gullible people of Singapore. Oh yeah, did i forget to mentioni suing people in his free time?

Anyways, after the Durai hooha, the nice and stupid and gullible and oh-so-self-righteous people of Singapore have stood up and said : "Please, don't stop donating to NKF just because of this. They still need your help." HELLO DUDES. NKF has ENOUGH MONEY to continue treating their patients for (max) 30 years even without us giving another single cent. You think changing Durai will stop this problem? You think the board of directors who stepped down and the new ones who are taking charge will solve this problem? DON'T BE SO FU*KING STUPID. With great power comes great responsibility. With great amounts of reserves stagnating will come great amounts of greedy fuckheads who can't wait to get their dirty little hands on them.


Donate to the SPCA instead. Or some other miscellaneous charity organization which REALLY NEEDS YOUR HELP. They don't travel around in first class flights. They don't have nice saltwater aquarium tanks in their premises. They don't have golden taps in their offices. Hell, they don't even have any godamned fancy-schmancy Mercs to drive around. And why? BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T DONATE ENOUGH TO THEM. Yeah, they prefer to donate it to NKF so that the next T.T.Durai can continue to draw a 6-figure salary and sit in first class flights which we normal Singaporeans don't even dream about seeing.

How stupid can we get? <-- some funny article i stumbled upon. go read it. it's amusing.