Monday, August 15, 2005

random raving of a sleep starved girl.

right, i was on the com and typing out some reply to a forum when my daddy asked what i was doing. -_-" so i told him about the "battle" in the forum and him being the ex-communist with political aspirations, was intrigued by what actually goes on online. T_T oh my gawd. what have i just done to myself? he's trying to get me to set up a website for his "Party Century 21" this imaginary political party in his head.

but i must say it's thanks to him, i'm not like one of those manufactured in the pap factory dolls who don't question or query any or everything the gahmen says. :/ knowing my dad was thrown in jail by LKY ain't a big factor for liking him eh? but it's cool. my dad i mean. my mom, she's pretty cool too - i never had to do any assesment books, played through psle and o lvls and not do any homework i didn't want to. not that she knew that though. but it was them who inspired my love? passion? obsession? for reading. goddamned. books are expensive. :/

LOL~ oh man, i don't remember doing any homework from secondary sch, except for ms low's english class. everything else was copied from multiple miscellaneous people. muahaha~ which kinda explain why i got 17/100 for my a maths in prelims. WAHAHAAHAHA. mdm quek u ***** who looked down on students like me i ******* you ***** ** ****. yeah. miss low.. the holy terror from hell who manages to make me piss in my skirts everytime her face turns black. but i miss her and her reign of terror - i think i might be one of those masochistic people - >_< greatest teacher ever to walk the earth, definitely. mrs keong, i kinda miss her too. with her lame chinese game nobody actually plays, dedicated teacher devoted to teaching students the beauty of the chinese language. ahh.. those were the dayysss... my youth, gone. forever. T_T

being 18 is a pain in the arse. responsibility, accountability all the ____billity things. eck.
forgive the incorrect english, singlish wadever __lish. it's 3 in da morning. :/