Monday, August 15, 2005

Breaking Olympic Record

Today started out nice and slow, waking up at 10am, puttering around the room, doing my Photoshop-ing and Freehand on the bed. ahhh... life is nice......... skipped applied illustrations to finish the assignment...

then it went completely haywire.


At approximately 2.30pm, Mr TTC called me to tell me that the deadline for the assignment was 3pm.


It gets worse. My appointment with the printing guy was at 3.30pm, half an hour AFTER my assignment is due. So I was scrambling around my room trying to get everything I have to bring with me, then I realize that I CAN'T FIND MY THUMBDRIVE!!!!! No thumbdrive = No printing because I didn't have any spare CD-Rs with me then. So it took about 5 minutes to find my damned thumbdrive, then I got out of the house, chiong downstairs to catch a cab to school.

What is it about those damned cabs? When you don't need them, they're everywhere. When you need them, they're nowhere to be found.

***** ** ***!!!!

So I waited while walking to the bus stop, then in front of me about 10m, this lady was getting out of the cab. So I ran........ and got to the cab in time.



That snail of a driver. ******* There are about 3 traffic lights from my house to the school and SWAY SWAY we stopped at all of them. WHAT THE ****?!? The heavens is against me. :/

Okie, by this time it's about 2:50pm. 10 more minutes before the deadline is over and I STILL HAVEN'T PRINTED MY SUBMISSION COPY. Ran all 5 floors up - because the lift as usual was congested - to the print shop. Heng ar, today of all days not crowded. *thanks the whatever gods that cleared out the print shop*

Ooh. Then J-rocker walked in. And I started drooling.


Well, he did walk in, but I was too kanchiong to care about him liao, *DAMMIT!* so I lost a perfectly good chance to oogle at him. T_T

Yeah, anyways. We were supposed to bring our own paper. ARGH! Another panic attack. Hah. Nevermind, the nice lady gave me free paper to print on - even though the quality not very good, but thanks!

Okie, so after that I went into the studio to find mounting board. Just to confirm I asked the Aloycious? Aloysious? guy if we had to "frame" the a3 paper. (Proper word is mount, but at that time I just couldn't remember) I think he thinks I'm an incoherent idiot. So as it turns out, we DO have to MOUNT the a3 paper and there was no mounting board in the studio.

So what to do? Run lor.

Ran all the way down to the first floor, then all the way to the bookshop and then all the way back to the school. I swear, I've lost at least 5kg with all that running today. Must have been a funny sight for those sitting in the canteen. Me, holding a big red plastic bag running towards the bookshop and running back with a big red plastic bag plus two mounting boards and a uhu glue stick -all within five minutes. UGH. My legs turned into jelly liao. So bo pian, if ask me crawl up the flight of stairs to the staff office I think I oso cannot.

Lucky I got there *in time*, at around 3:03pm. Then while I was standing outside the stuffy staff room, trying to glue the a3 paper to the mounting board and praying that my legs would hold out, peggy walks out. ..... oh man.... But she accepted the work, so heng la.

Okie - so now the appointment with the printer guy. Oredi make appointment how to cancel? Knn.. Have to wait for him for like 20 minutes for a piece of a3 paper that costs $3. T_T Then while waiting I got a cup of peppermint milk tea, and as it turns out, it's not good to drink peppermint milk tea after a marathon. My stomach felt disconnected to the rest of my body and I almost threw up. :/

Yah. So I got the useless a3 thing printed, then got into a cab because I don't think I can walk another step and GUESS WHAT?


So I got the taxi uncle to turn around and head back to the print shop. Well, I didn't find it there but I found it on the near the kerb where I was waiting for the taxi. Wah Lao Eh...

Total Expenditure for the day :

Taxi : $3.40
Mounting Boards + Uhu Stick Glue : $7.80
Peppermint Milk Tea : $1.10
Printing a3 : $3.00
Taxi : $5.00