Friday, August 12, 2005

is silence always golden?


*This is gonna be a pretty long and boring post*

I was talking to Maro about the (crazy) Chee guy from the Singapore Democratic Party. Although I do agree that most of what he says is crap and bullshit, I kinda admire him for his unrelenting "enthusiasm". Most of what he says is just repharsed mud-sling shots aimed at the gahmen. Isn't that the case in opposing political parties all over the world?

Bush : Kerry sucks. I'm better. Vote for me.
Kerry : Bush is a stupid idiot, I can do a better job. Vote for me.

Yes, that's what politics is all about. Running expensive campaigns to sling mud at your opponents, only in Singapore's case, the gahmen dowan to get down and dirrrrty with the crazy Chee. They just whoop their opponent's ass and cram a lawsuit up their hole.

Following the logic that it takes 2 to take 1 man down, sending a riot squad to stop 4 people wearing t-shirts and holding placards is both a waste of money and resource. Singapore too safe, so got chance must show off issit? Show off how incompetent our civil forces are, and how they need an entire squad to control the "demonstrators" ?

(*Random thought*

I wonder what the gahmen would do if a riot reaching the "epic proportions" (around 10,000 *considering it's Singapore - can't ask for too much*) of the protestors against Arroyo marched in Singapore? Would they send out the entire civil defense force? Or would they just arrest everybody? Hmmm... What if 10 000 people protested in groups of 4? HEH HEH HEH.)

Yeah anyways. Back to topic.

Apart from that, I find it hard to believe how ANY SINGAPOREAN would actually call in to complain them for public disturbance. Not the complain part cos we all know that's our favourite past-time, but knowing how KPO Singaporeans are, most people would just crowd around and enjoy the show. And maybe admire their guts a little because we have no balls of our own.

And the weirdest thing is, I don't see alot of media reports about this so-called "Demonstration".
Yeah, the MIW are brainwashing us.

All of us.


My next get-rich-quick scheme :

Selling white t-shirts with the exact same words the protestors were wearing. I bet will sell-out.
HAHA. Then I can laugh my way to the bank. HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHA.

which way to the nearest bank?