Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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Why do people think that asians bonking ang mohs and blogging about it is very liberal? Actually, if a person is really liberal, they wouldn't think bonking ang moh is liberal.

Cool! I just found out that when I place both my hands over the speakers of my PowerBook, the screen dims. S O C O O L ! ! !

Charmed is like the lamest show ever. EVER. I don't know why I still bother watching it.
paige: "why? why would they do that?"

I have too many projects and deadlines.

I'm sick of all those slimming advertisments. goddammit.

I hate being broke.

Liv Tyler is so hot.

Hong Kong/China period dramas are so lameeee..... Their computer graphics suck, especially when it comes to dragons and condors. There's no blood on their swords after a battle. People (stupid morons rushing up to the hero) go down after being kicked/slashed once. 1 man can fight off 20 extras by radiating waves. Girls in period dramas are irritatingly perky/arrogant/spoilt/stupid. What happened to those good ol' chinese movies with Lin Ching Hsia and Maggie Cheung?

Stairway to Heaven is stupid and cliched. Why would anybody still love a person after 5 years? It is pure bullshit that 15 year-old boys/girls can remain in "love" over a seperated period of 5 years. Their only memory of each other is from 5 years ago, which is like frozen in time. PEOPLE CHANGE goddammit. The main characters seem to live in limbo. Why do the producers think that amusement parks are romantic? Why do people say it's tragically romantic when a main character dies leaving the other to pine for him/her? *oops, spoiler*

okie.. i need sleep.