Thursday, September 01, 2005

a break

OH MAN. just finished a 2-11pm photoshop/freehand marathon. kao eh. taking a break before another one until tml afternoon. tonight no need to sleep liao plus tml go bras basar "liao lui"

okie just to clarify..

i am a GIRL... i have boobs and a vagina. -_-" and no, i'm not lesbian.



oh man. Tony Tan is retiring from cabinet and taking up positions in GIC and SPH - help manage the country's reserves.
HAHA. no wonder he didn't stand for the presidential elections!

smart guy sia.

*sigh..* i haven't touch the newspapers/watched tv for like 4 days liao. T_T i am sadly behind.
okie. back to the photoshop/freehand marathon.

the horror.. the PAIN...


deadlines suckkk..........mmmyyyyy eennneeerrrrgggggyyyyyyyy.....

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