Sunday, September 25, 2005

Breast feast

Taken from Straits Times Forum

I think Singaporeans are really damned irritating.

How many mothers actually breastfeed in public? To set up nursing rooms/baby rooms for just that small population is just a bullshit waste of resources and money. Then the SMRT have another reason to jack-up the prices of transport for the rest of the passengers. Knn, as if it's not expensive enough.

You wanna breast feed in public, go ahead lah! Nobody stopping you - because we understand the sacred boob milk that your kid is drinking is nourishing him and blah blah blah.

But if you want to flash your tits in public, expect people to stare. Free show what, why not? If you recieve unkind stares and dirty looks and still want to continue, then it's your bloody fault because not everybody is comfortable looking at mommys breastfeeding in public.

Don't want to recieve dirty stares?

Do what other mommys do, MILK YOUR BOOBS AT HOME AND BRING IT OUT. And feed your goddamned kid with a bottle. Because honestly, looking at your kid suck your boob in public is just freaking disgusting.